Our approach

A standard approach rarely works for an organisation with an extensive and diversified customer base such as ours. We recognise this by adjusting and customising our approach for every client.


Our sales executives work on a beat plan - fixed area with fixed day and time. Scheduled visits help our customers to finalise the order and/or arrange funds for any outstanding payments. We have multiple channels to receive orders which include phone calls, direct selling from our warehouse or retail unit, and sales executive visit


We understand that customer satisfaction depends greatly on product range and stocking capabilities. As a company policy, we are proud to share that our product range is highly extensive and customers receive their materials within 12-24 hours. Moreover, all items are binned with rack numbers and shelf numbers so that they are easily accessible for the store operators.


We as a company believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our customers. To achieve that, we have a dedicated customer relations team which ensures that all enquiries are met. Apart from that our sales managers meet with customers periodically to discuss their evolving needs, issues with the existing process, and to assess the quality of relationship with them. Their feedbacks are also used to improve our quality of service.